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Known problems with the illusion gallery

The table below describes some problems which are known to occur with specific web browsers. If you are using one of these you might consider switching to one of the browsers listed at the bottom of the page.

Browser Name Problem Reason Action
Opera 5 (mac classic) Image (flash or gif) doesn't appear. Flash not working and/or it doesn't handle object correctly, not displaying the child img. Need to investigate - maybe send tag soup
OmniWeb 4.2 Flash not supported.
Ignore, latest version of Omniweb [4.5] should work ok.

Javascript fails [No image click, warning is always visible]. IE4 DOM javascript has problems? [Omniweb supports both document.all and document.layers] Check in IE4PC? Try putting document.layers before document.all? Correct document.all Javascript so this works.
iCab 2.9 (OS X) Javascript warning is always displayed.
Change in visibility not supported.
Ignore. We could use the tag display to achieve a similar disappearing act, but Opera and Netscape 4 have problems with that. So I chose to support those two.
Konqueror 3.1.2 (X11/KDE on OS X) On first load only the description and logo are displayed. Unknown Reload the page and the display is corrected.

No image is displayed. Probably doesn't handle object tag correctly, not displaying the child img. Need to investigate - maybe send tag soup.
Opera 6.02 (OS X) Misinterprets most of print stylesheet, inserting an extra blank page and centering everything. Unknown Still readable and visible, so will leave as is.

If you wish to discuss any of these problems please send the webmaster an e-mail and tell him what is happening: adrian@perlucida.com

Browsers which work with the illusion gallery