Opprints Visual Illusions

What is Opprints?

Opprints is the business name of Nick Wade. Nick is Emeritus Professor of Visual Psychology at the University of Dundee, and has been called a famous Scottish artist. He has written several books concerning visual illusions, these cover both the science and art of visual illusions and are listed in the Books section of this web site.

Who created this web site?

Nick Wade

Created the illusions and artwork. Anyone interested in licensing any of Nick Wade's designs, or commissioning a work of perceptual art should contact him at: n.j.wade@dundee.ac.uk

Adrian Simmons

Constructed and maintains the web site plus converted the illusion artwork to web formats. If you have comments about the web site or would like a site built yourself, please e-mail Adrian at adrian@perlucida.co.uk or take a look at his own site perlucida.com.